Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Good, Good Week

Instagram Week

Free Child Labor

Earlier this spring I began battling the pine cones and needles in our yard. I drug a basket around and raked and gathered and after about 30 minutes noticed Jane studying my every move.

Since that day, she's been an avid yard worker. She carries a cup, picking up pine needles and pine cones.

She's pretty meticulous.

It has crossed my mind that one day she'll start picking up Mabel's turds, but until that day comes I won't worry about it.

 She's very thorough.

Then she tromps back across the yard and pushes her pine needles and cones through the fence gate.

Whoops, dropped one.

Back to work.

She's such an expert now that she'll gladly tell you how to do it.

And tell you when you're slacking.

Free child labor. It does have its perks.

If I Could Put a Weekend in a Bottle...

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

My Girl

Jane hardly stays in bed at night. She gets up, climbs in her rocking chair and reads to herself.

She sings all the time.

Life lessons are in full force, especially "you obey when I tell you to come here."

She repeats everything with alarming clarity.

She gives me her boogers.

She tolerates potty training, but she's not totally buying it.

Last night at dinner, out of the blue,  she stopped eating, put down her fork and screamed, "Noooo, don't bite me!" It's nice to know the lessons are taking.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Life, New Site, New Start

 I've set up a new home online. In other words... I don't live here at Blogger anymore. After years and years, I find myself a little bit sniffly about it. But, I have a new life, and now it's time for a new site.

I hope you'll all follow me to my new place. I've loved writing for, and with, you all.