Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Around the Casa

As with most small houses built in the 50's, our has an add on. I'm very grateful for the extra square footage, a den built onto the old patio area. It must have been constructed in the 70's, as every wall and the entire fireplace is brick. When we moved in it was painted a very sallow beige. My husband dubbed this his 'man cave' and I was more than happy to let him have it (since the flip side of the deal was that I got the rest of the house).

This is the original window above the sink. The old window has been framed out and built in with shelving. I keep most of my turquoise pottery/glassware here, although the space is quickly overflowing. As much as I squalk about the 'idiot box' (TV)... I do enjoy watching it while I work in the kitchen.