Friday, June 22, 2007

Not the Usual

I am the queen of indecision. Sometimes, I mull an idea over for months on end instead of just DOING something. I made a breakthrough this week.

I have been wanting bamboo blinds in my front living room for the past year. There were many hurdles in the way. First, I was afraid of making the room dark. I have mentioned before my great panic when it comes to all things not light and airy. Secondly, and most importantly, the main front window in my living room is 98 inches long. It was one of the features that I loved most when we first saw the house, one of those overly large picture windows that looks down on the street and lawn. But with such gorgeous sunlight comes the daunting task of dressing it.

This past week I made a quick soiree over the the local home goods store, and low and behold... I found a 97 inch long matchstick blind. Good enough. The only catch is that it was initially made for a porch... but who can tell. Not only did I manage to get it home (in my small sedan.. it was comical), but I also hung the blinds all by myself, using a drill! It was very liberating.

Now that its all said and done, I love them. It is so cozy at night, and during the day I can raise them up and expose the whole window. Its the best of both worlds... and it was under $50.00 for both windows (excuse the dark photos... it was quite late when I finally finished).