Friday, May 22, 2009

Anthropologie Thank You & Rosemary

My friend Deanna went on vacation this past week, and upon her return, she stealthily delivered a small white bag on my doorstep. I’ll confess, when I pulled into the drive and spied the package, along with the familiar Anthropologie logo, I screamed. Inside my car, drowning out the radio. Flat out screamed.

You see, we have no Anthropologie store in our fair city. Not that I haven’t petitioned their website repeatedly about it. So my obsessive love for this store has to be contained within the confines of cyber shopping, which just isn’t the same. Thus the screaming.

She gave me the most marvelous dish towel, which I’m here to tell you will NEVER actually be used to wipe down greasy skillets. This is deserving of something better, a pillow perhaps. Heck, I might even frame it. But no grease wiping.

I’ve also started picking long strands of rosemary when in need of fresh flowers. Nothing, I repeat, nothing smells better in a kitchen than a vase full of this stuff. Plus, it's free.

And since Yankee candle has YET to create a jar candle that smells like rosemary, I’m toying with the idea of buying a scentless candle and sprinkling some fresh rosemary in the hot wax, just to see if it would smell. Has anyone ever done that? Thoughts?

So thank you Deanna!

And now I'm off to create my very own rosemary candle. Or burn the house down, whichever comes first.