Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Goodbye Jon & Kate Plus 8

I usually avoid blog ranting. I steer clear of politics and social commentary because for the most part, it’s not the main focus of my life. But not today. Today, as I watered my herbs and watched the morning sunlight illuminate the bright green of early summer, I decided I would let this rant fly.

I have watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 from its inception. I’ve watched since the first TLC/Discovery Health specials, right down to the season opener last night. I’m a fan. I know the kids’ names, their favorite stuffed animals, and their teachers’ names.

But last night, during the season premier, I felt sick.

I felt sick that TLC is willing to bask in the media limelight and make a profit off an imploding marriage and family.

I felt sick that Kate & Jon spent time talking to a camera, vaguely hinting at their failed marriage, instead of stepping out of the spotlight and going to a marriage counselor.

I felt sick that I was watching it.

But most of all, I feel sick for the children.

There was a reference at one point in the show (can’t remember where) that the ‘children weren’t really aware’ of what was happening. That was where I got off the boat. That was the point where I thought, “I’m done with this show.” Because Jon & Kate… those kids are aware.

How do I know? Because I was aware at the age of three when my mother miscarried. I was aware as she sat on the kitchen floor and cried and our dog Gus tried to lick her in the face. I was three. And I was aware.

I was aware at age five when my parents went through the adoption process. I was aware of how much money it was costing, that it meant buying a four door car and being interviewed by child psychologists so they could decide whether mom and dad were fit parents. I was aware.

I was aware of the wall-shaking joy the day mom found out she was pregnant with Rebecca. I was five. I was aware that my father didn’t like his job. I was six. I was aware of how sad my Meme was when her mother died (my Granny). I was seven.

And I’m here to tell you… children are aware. They are intelligent and they are constantly listening. And the Gosselin kids are aware that the paparazzi stalk them. They are aware that their parents don’t like each other. And they are aware that every moment of it is on camera.

I love this show, so when I say that I’m boycotting it; it’s not an easy decision. But I personally refuse to be part of the media hype leading to this disaster. And I certainly hope Jon & Kate have put together some healthy trust funds for the kids. Those poor little guys are going to need it to pay for their future therapy sessions.