Saturday, May 23, 2009

Waiting For Matt

Before Matt gets home, Mabel droops on the floor. She wilts like a delicate flower next to the front door, rolling her eyes and perking her ears at the sound of every car.

But as soon as Matt walks through the door, she squiggles and figure-8's all over the floor. Note the blurry entire-behind-wagging. We refer to this as 'helicopter tail.'

But just as soon as he is revered, he is forgotten. Mabels spots a squirrel on the tree outside and errupts into the loudest, shrillest, screamiest schnauzer barking. Ever.

At which time Matt looks at her, exclaiming loudly, "NOOOOOO."

And I catch it on film.

"You're going to put that on your blog, arent you?"

"Not if you don't want me to," I mutter.

He shrugs his shoulders.

I consider shrugged shoulders code for, "That's fine with me darling, do whatever you want."