Friday, January 14, 2011

Hell Froze Over

Well not really.

But we did have a snowstorm that lasted almost nine hours.

In Arkansas.

We got two whole snow days. Count them. TWO. I kept pinching myself.

Mabel, on the other hand, doesn't cotton to all this frigid weather.

She enjoys playing outside for a little while. In fact she runs around like a maniacal lawn mower, hind end high in the air, mouth chomping the snow. But afterward, when she's wet and frigid, she's pretty gosh darn pathetic. There is much shaking and whimpering and all around mental-breakdowning.

But two snow days gave me a chance to get a lot of work done.

And time to get over a serious cold.

Mabel managed to abscond with part of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the first day, which was a real fete for her, and then happily settled in front of the space heater.

All in all it was a blissful two days. Except when Mabel shivered from the cold and clawed my leg like a demented, angry little crab. And when she stole half my sandwich.

I'm really loving this winter. I'm loving the cold quiet and the smell of this lavender candle. For once Matt isn't accusing lavender of smelling like a urinal cake. So it's win/win for everybody.
This winter has been good to me, snow and ice included.