Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nose? Meet Grindstone.

Amid all the kerfuffle of the last few weeks, I've made far less writing headway than originally intended. There's a deadline looming and it's time to put nose to grindstone.

This quiet post-Christmas season seems so well suited for writing. None of the lovely rose colored distractions of spring with chirping birds and green yards. None of the swimming/picnicking/road-tripping distractions of summer. No Christmas parties or decorating table settings. No shopping. Just still, cold, quiet weather and a still, cold, quiet house. And a cup of tea.

I rearranged the library a little bit. I faced the desk toward the window. The room feels better. I really needed the afternoon sunlight shining across the desk. It clears my mind. It makes me take a deep sigh and keep writing instead of taking a nap or doing the laundry. It's good motivation.

I think most bloggers, once they have a few years behind them and a regular posting schedule, harbor the same fear.

"What if I get too busy to post every day and people stop reading?"

It's bad motivation, in my opinion, but still remains a legitimate fear for most of us. And as I gaze into the future, calculating the demands of this deadline, the pregnancy, work, and realize that I may have to cut back on my daily posts.

Whenever I don't post regurally (like this holiday season), there are always a few sweethearts that say, "Liz? Are you ok? I noticed you weren't posting on your blog lately."

And that's when fear and panic grips me. I think to myself, "Agh! I'm slipping! I don't have any pictures! I don't have anything to write! And it's only Monday!"

I hope you'll understand that my nose is pressed to a very serious grindstone. I'll make every effort to show up here as often as possible. Some weeks more, some weeks a little less. But I've got lots of writing to do. Lots of time spent at this desk, in the sunlight, pounding away on the keyboard. And very soon, when the weather turns balmy and the big coral roses start to bloom along our fence line, Jane will be here. And then I'll be glad I've slowed down the blogging schedule a bit. Glad for the change in my life that smells like baby lotion, wears a diaper, sports the name Jane Margaret, and turns our entire life upside down in a fantastic way.

But for now I'm writing. I'm still here. I'll be back.