Friday, May 25, 2012

Art Wall Update

A Liz Quiz

*Picture is pre-Weasley China Cabinet. Goodness I love that thing.

It's been a long time since we've done one of these, so lets, shall we?

1. How long have you been married?

11 years this month.

2. Is Jane walking yet?

No. She does things at her own pace. For example, she loves it when I say, "Uh-Oh!" She likes to mimic me, but so far she's only gotten the "Uh" part and not the "Oh." The other morning I tried so hard to teach her. I kept buzzing around in front of her like an annoying fly going, "Uh OH, Uh OH." She flailed her hands in front of her face, frowned and yelled "UHHHH" and then crossed her arms. She wasn't ready to say the whole thing and she didn't appreciate my incessant prodding. Message received. Jane will do what Jane will do on her own schedule. And right now her schedule doesn't include walking. Or eating fruit. But that's another topic altogether.

3. How is it going since you've turned off your comments.

Awesome. And not awesome.

It's awesome because I feel like I'm blogging the way I want to now. I'm not worried about hateful comments. I'm not worried about impressing anyone. I'm not worried about being embarrassed when no one comments. Or being proud when lots of people comment. It's really simplified things.

It's not awesome because I checked my traffic meter a few days ago and it looks like less people are showing up to read these days. I guess the no comments thing ticked some people off? Or maybe they're just bored? But, I don't care. I really don't. A year ago? It would have bothered me immensely, but for the first time in so long blogging is stress-free and fun again. If that means less readers, so be it.

4. How is your health?

It's a work in progress. I'm currently decreasing my beta blockers (for the migraine related vertigo) because frankly, the stuff is making me fat. Start-a fire-with-my thighs-if-I-ever-wore-corduroy-pants-fat. So far so good. Fingers crossed the vertigo stays away and I become slim and svelte like Heidi Klum.

Stop laughing.

5. Are you writing another book?

Yes. I have an idea, and yes I've started. But it's still churning around in my head like bolts in a washing machine. The idea has morphed three times and I've thrown away several reams of paper. I'm keeping it on the down low for now.

When I was writing my first book (that didn't get published and was kind of awful), a good friend suggested that I read Stephen King's On Writing. In it he discusses a writer's penchant for over-sharing. I realized that until I had the idea in concrete, until I had several chapters written that I loved, I didn't need to be running around asking for lots of opinions. The beginning of the writing process is kind of like a romance. It's important to have a honeymoon before opening the doors to your house so other people can come in and critique it.

Although... it's important to be critiqued. If you've been writing something for a couple of years and no one has read even a paragraph of it, you might have a problem.

So anywho. Yes. I'm working on something. That's about as far as it goes.

6. I've written a book, can you refer me to your agent?

Please remember that not all agents represent every kind of genre. My agent only represents non-fiction. My best advice to anyone searching for an agent is to go to and search by the genre you've written. You need to do extra research on whoever you find there... but it's a good place to start.

7.  You got a new bed? What happened to your four poster one?

My lovely white farmhouse four poster bed is in storage. But I have plans for it, never you fear.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

And the Solution to My Blank Wall Conundrum Is...


Now I just have to google some how-to's.

And find the time.

Stop laughing.

* all images found here

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Can Hang Wall Art Or Walk On A Bed Of Nails? Hmmm...

I've really been enjoying the living room redo so, so, so much.

And you know how I feel about the Weasley China Cabinet.

Truly, it's such a different room than before. But there's a problem. I'll give you a hint...

Yep. It's those bare walls. Before I started nailing things willy nilly, I realized that the last thing I wanted to do was clutter up the room. I've finally learned that less is more most of the time. But this is a little bit too much "less."

I'm in love with Kate Spade's apartment. The mismatched artwork and just one light sconce to the side is so quirky and fun. But the feel here is a little more cluttered than I want.

I could play it safe and just hang two small things on each side like this. 
Or forget the whole thing and buy myself some coral roses and put them in the dining room. Sigh.


I love the feel of this room, but it's not symmetrical. And I'm kind of a nut about things being in the ballpark of symmetrical. I once asked a doctor if he could add a mole on the other side of my face so both sides would match. Just kidding.

But in the dark of night, I did consider it.

So that's my quandary. What to hang? Email me if you have any ideas!
 (mabelsblog (at) yahoo (dot) com).

Monday, May 21, 2012

And Then I Lost My Camera Cord

This weekend was our eleven year anniversary.
I'm so glad I married Matt.
Even when I have to say things like, "No, don't put my bra on the dog."
My life would be so boring without this man.

I also discovered that sushi from Kroger isn't half bad.
And eating it on my couch without having to tip,
or sit on those tiny stools at the sushi bar,
is super nice.
(I lost my chopsticks)

Jane learned to stand up.
Sort of.

And her undying devotion to eggs continues.

The hydrangea bush in the yard is blooming.
The flowers are a beautiful lilac color.
They were blue last summer.

We had breakfast at Dogtown.
They have some seriously good food.

I remembered to water the plants.

Matt bought me a fun t-shirt.

I wore my favorite necklace.
And Jane helped me fold clothes.
If folding clothes is throwing them around the room like confetti.
I was also so excited because I took actual pictures this weekend.
With my camera instead of phone.
This morning I discovered I've misplaced the camera cord.
It was a great weekend.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bathroom Mini Change

I never realized how much time you spend in the bathroom once you have a kiddo. It's pretty substantial with all Jane's bath time, which is every night since her favorite new hobby is smearing supper all over the back of her head. When she hears the water running in the tub she starts asking, "Duck? Duck? Duck?" She's a great enthusiast of ducks, as you can see below.

I found a new shower curtain at Target (but I really like to pronounce it all French-like: Tarjaaay). It looked great with the tile, not so great with the lemon yellow walls. So we're due for a mini change.

Jane could care less. As long as bath time involves yellow ducks of some kind, she's perfectly content.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hughes Baby Numero Tres

We had a little diaper shower for my friend Julia this past weekend.

She's having her third baby. She calls him/her "Tres."

And all these decorations I made?

I'm toying with the idea of making them a permanent fixture in the house. Somewhere a cold and unexplainable chill ran down Matt's spine.

OK. OK. Just kidding Matt.

It was a lovely day spent with good friends.
These are such sweet women in my life.
I'm very thankful.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Thoughts On This Mom Thing

Truthfully, for a very long time I didn't think I'd be a mother.
I'd wiped my sisters snotty noses.
I'd seen Rachel twirl in a three way mirror, her dress twirling out.
Thus flashing all nearby Dillards shoppers.
She was three at the the time.
I'd seen Rebecca pick up random pieces of dried gum from the ground.
And pop them into her mouth.
No sireee bob.
I was no gushy kid person.
And then we had Jane.
But Jane is different.
Jane is my girl.
I'll wipe her snotty nose any day of the week and love it.
I'm so glad I became a mom.

A Mothers Day Weekend