Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Homeless And Can't Find My Camera So You'll Just Have to Take A Pinterest Journey With Me. Also, I Need Julia Sugarbaker.

As I find myself approaching an exit from temporary apartment living and into a new house (I'm screaming inside like a little girl every time I say that)... I'm in "what to paint" and "how do I start over from scratch" mode.

Last night as I watched an old episode Designing Women (my DVR decided to take a holiday and only recorded one instead of the usual five), I was stumped. I sat and looked at all the things I had pinned on Pinterest and thought to myself, "This doesn't help at all. I'm all over the place."

And just as Julia uttered my most favorite tv line of all time ("I mean we're going out to the wood shed and one of us isn't coming back alive"), I realized, I'm a decorating schizophrenic and that I needed Julie Sugarbaker to come in and sort things out for me. How wonderful would that be? I don't want to have anything redecorated exactly, I just want someone to tell me what colors to paint and how to arrange my furniture. Why? OK. Let me show you how it feels to be on Pinterest, inside my head.

You might want to take something for nausea, you could get a bit carsick.

*found here 

"Hey. I love this. Maybe I should take the plunge and make everything colorful and funky."

*found here 

"But, no. Wait. This is beautiful. I'm painting everything white. But I'll also need to win the lottery to afford this kitchen. Dang. I should have bought a ticket this week."

*found here

"Ooooh, I want a wood stove in the fireplace!"

*found here

"Hey, Matt, let's adopt four kids and let them bunk together. No, I'm serious..."

*found here

"Or maybe Alicia and Andy would just let us move in with them?"

*found here

"Could we live on an island?"

*found here

"Can I paint a formica back splash? No? What about with chalk board paint? No?"

*found here

"Let's tear out the new counter tops and put in vintage aqua ones. No?"

*found here

"I should stop painting furniture, I mean this is gorgeous. I've painted too much furniture as it is..."

"Whoa, what are you saying?!"

See. I told you to take some Dramamine.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The House

So, the house is happening. I'm still not clear on the closing date because the roof has to be replaced prior to closing. Anyone else ever deal with that? Navigating the deep icy streams of real estate is not fun. It's like I dressed in a bathing suit (a horror in and of itself) when I should have been wearing a parka and waders. 

I'm keeping all fingers and toes crossed that we get in within the next couple of weeks, and until then I'm in house-planning heaven, which is an exercise in futility since we now have no money to do said decorating because it's all going into the house. But white paint does wonders, right?

We did make one concession and bought this light fixture. It was on super sale several days ago (not now but if you go to the online coupons you'll find one for 20% off and free shipping).

There is old carpet. And rooms that will be empty with no furniture to go in them. But there's space. And a garage. And a gorgeous yard I'm afraid I'll kill eventually. But the thing I'm most excited about? The master bedroom has a dressing room. It's pretty utilitarian, and not necessarily pretty, but still. I'm swooning.

I know I'm breaking the rules talking about the house like it's ours before closing. But, if the deal falls through, I'm going to be pretty much devastated. I'll probably roam around like Catherine's ghost in Wuthering Heights. I'll be wailing a lot... probably to you... so you may as well know the scoop.

Keep your fingers crossed for us, OK?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Since I Can't Buy a Tree Yet...

... I'm treating myself to this snazzy print. Go check it out here. 

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012 was great. We ate too much, we slept too much (yes, I found out there is such a thing), and laughed too much. But the best part was watching Jane enjoy herself.

She discovered her great (and obsessive) love for tractors. No, seriously. When we tried to get her off of this so her cousins could take a turn sitting in the seat, she lost her mind.

Jane made the six hour car ride both ways like a champ, napping a lot.

And somehow coexisting with Mabel in a very small space without anyone getting bit or losing an eye. Those of you with small children and animals will understand this fete.

She discovered her love of turkey, and enchiladas. Not on the same day of course.

And it goes without saying that she loved being at Granny and Pop Pop's house. Every morning she woke up smiling, saying, "Pop Pop? Pop Pop?" He was by far her favorite person and I realized I was old news on the second day when she pushed me away mid-hug and said, "No, get down."

I started out the Thanksgiving week here, in bed, coughing my lungs out. But thankfully I live in a time blessed with modern medicine and antibiotics. Seriously. When I think about living in a past age, some idyllic Jane Austen'ish setting with pastoral views from an English manor house, fires crackling in the bedroom fireplaces, lace curtains, beautiful china patterns, I remember that I would have probably been poor and died of consumption. So yeah... hip hip hooray for 2012.

Jane also discovered her love of small tables and tea sets with plastic cupcakes. 
Granny sure knows how to throw a toddler party.
Looks like Santa knows what to bring this year. 
That, and a new house. 
The roof situation worked out and it looks like we'll be moving before Christmas! 

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Reprive

Sick Town. That's what I'm officially declaring this place. We're working on getting well and celebrating with family. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a teaspoon full of cough medicine. With codeine.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Bum Roof

So, the house has a bum roof. Not a regular bum roof, a "the felt is showing" kind of bum roof. Honestly, I have no idea what that really means, but the inspector had a look on his face like he was telling me I had a fatal disease. So yeah. Not good.

We're waiting to see what will happen. Jane's been spending a lot of time with her house flash card, and I've been telling her she would get one from Santa this year.

These are small problems, I know.
But still. Sigh.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fingers Crossed

Our house inspection is happening today. It makes me so nervous. I'm also running fever and feel awful, as is Jane. And Matt. It's a family plague.

I wonder about other families with small children in daycare. Is it normal to all get sick at least once every month or two? This stinks.

I'll leave you with a few shots of our hopefully-dream-home. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mabel Is Loved, But She Wishes We Would All Just Go Away And Leave Her Alone. Forever.

Jane's favorite thing to do is hug Mabel.
And she doesn't just hug, she coos "Awwww" while she does it.

As you can imagine, Mabel hates her life right now.
It was bad enough when Jane was crawling, but these days it's worse.
She follows Mabel everywhere,
trying to hug her,
and Jane's Frankenstein-meets-E.T. gait does nothing
to ease the paralyzing fear in Mabel's heart.

I also wanted to share this picture, 
because this is the face Matt makes when he's over the moon about Jane. 
It's his "I'm so happy to be this little girl's Daddy" face.
I love him so much.

Mabel, on the other hand, wishes she were loved a lot less.
I wonder if she'll ever accept Jane.
She's perfectly willing to take food from Jane's hand,
but return the favor with a hug?
Not on your life.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why Is Winter An Old Man?

I've never understood the expression, "Old Man Winter."
Why is he an old man?
I prefer to think of winter as a prankster.

"Oh, you like fall and those cute scarves you don't really need?
Let's see you wake up to 30 degree temps and see if you still feel like wearing 
that impractical-but-cute fall coat you bought in September."

We woke up to frigid, gusting wind. 
But I still love it.
The air is bright and catches my breath,
and the leaves all over the ground are beautiful.

I dropped Jane off at my best friend's house today.
Carrie is Jane's non-genetic Aunt,
and also future mother-in-law.
We've decided that her son, Jacob, and Jane will marry someday.
But in order to accomplish this we'll just tell them they can never date each other.
If parents forbid it, it will happen.
That's our motto.

Friday, November 9, 2012


 Found here.

Well, there may be a house on our horizon. Emphasis on the word "may." There's an emphasis there because I try desperately not to count my eggs before they hatch. But, as you can imagine, my mind has turned to all things houses in the jolly old land of Pinterest.

But I don't want to be that delusional gal who screams from the roof tops, "My dream house! It's mine!" I mean, I used to watch Miracle on 34th Street as a kid and watch cute little Natalie Wood race through her empty dream house and shake my head thinking, "Eh. It hasn't even been inspected yet."

So, all that to say, I'm crossing all my fingers and toes. And until I can uncross them, I'm happily reveling in the fact that one day, sooner or later, I will paint the walls of my house again. Here are a few of the things I'm inspired by lately.

Found here.

You gals know I love me some turquoise, but lately I've been loving on some minty green shades. How great and crisp does that look with white?

Found here.

When people ask me what paint colors I'll choose on our next house I say, "White." I get a lot of those fake "Oh, that's nice" platitudes. And that's fine, I get it... white seems a bit boring. With white, you have to work a little harder at decorating and making a room homey. But seriously, just look at these space...

Found here.

And this loveliness. Would these rooms look as crisp and cheerful in another color? Not to me.

 Found here.

I've also been fantasizing about built-ins, while simultaneously panicking at the thought. If I ever get so lucky, there will be countless arranging and rearranging sessions, and eventually I'll start to pull my hair and yell, "MATT, I'm going to the antique mall. We need more! We need different!"

But luckily, now, I have Jane, who will no doubt laugh at me, so sure that I'm performing some manic comic routine just for her, and I'll calm down and read her a book and forget all about antique malls. Motherhood is good to me.

Found here.

And finally, these stairs. I mean. I don't. There aren't words. It's not my style necessarily, but how brave! Someday. Maybe. If my sister Rachel will do the artwork for me.

So there's some of my house inspiration. Please keep your fingers crossed that there's a dream house on our horizon. And if it doesn't work out, keep your fingers crossed that we find another one to fill its shoes. But I'll tell you, I'm loving our horizon right now.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

And Today...

Big things are happening around here today. I'm hopeful, but reserved. I can't wait to share soon!
Until then, I just love this. Found here.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

She Walks!

Just a mere 19 months later she decides it's safe to walk without holding my hand. I give credit to the new daycare. It's much easier to be brave in a safe place. No physical therapy!

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Other Life

I don't talk much about my work-life on this blog, in terms of what I do and so forth. 
It just doesn't seem smart.
I mean... it is possible to share too much of yourself.
But I will say this.
I do not blog for a living.
I think sometimes people come here and think that my blog is more successful than it really is.
And they wish they were making money from their blog and having 
to work less.
I never want people to feel that way after coming here.

So this is my office.
I have a stable job and have worked at the same place for the last 7 years.
I have good insurance, 
I like my coworkers,
and I try to be an asset.

And after spending 7 years in a building with no windows (none, anywhere!)
and asbestos signs in the stairwells,
I want to pinch myself every time I look out this window.

I think we all have this burning desire to blog for a living.
To get paid for doing the things we love at home.
But I also know that there's a lot to be said for a stable paycheck.
And affordable health insurance for Jane and me.
There's a lot to be said for dressing up,
and interacting with people.
There's a lot to be said for a schedule that makes me
accountable, and so much more appreciative of the weekends.
There's a lot to be said for working.

So if you came here today feeling down in the dumps about your job, 
about your blog,
I hope maybe, just maybe,
I lifted your spirits just a bit.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's a Post-Halloween World

Well folks, it's a post-Halloween world.
I survived.
How about you?

First we went to a party at Jane's daycare
 (where all the kids were dressed up in the entire school, so adorable).
Then trunk-or-treat at our church.
I have to say, I've long thought trunk-or-treat (the concept), is sad.
I mean,
running around a neighborhood in the dark, feeling spooky,
for hours on end is way better than pulling candy out of trunks.
But let's be real.
We don't live in a world where that's very safe anymore.
So trunks it is.

Our church did it up big time.
For example, our friends Claire and Justin and their sweet shop trunk were awesome.
There was music and candy and chili.
I think I may have converted to a pro-trunk-or-treater.

Our little cupcake was pretty worn out by this point.
Have you ever lugged around a puffy 24 pound cupcake draped over
your shoulder for an hour?
It's like lugging around a 24 pound bag of potatoes.
Still painful, but much cuter.

After dining on chicken nuggets and a cherry sucker,
Jane decided that Halloween 2012 was over.
We loaded up the car and headed home,

My how Halloween has changed for me.
It used to be about decorations and baked goods,
and this year it was about costumes,
toddler parties,
and figuring out how to clean cherry sucker residue off her 
sweet chubby cheeks.

And now we move on to Thanksgiving.
I can't believe it.