Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hack Hack Hock Hock

Sickness has befallen me.

Did you like that? It was my best Jane Austen impression. My best Liz Owen impression is, "Dude, ya'll. I just hocked up something that sprouted legs and crawled out of the sink."

Jane Austen is the way classier choice.

In other news, Matt painted my bathroom last weekend and I love it so much. Oh, yes, you heard me right. My bathroom. The master bedroom has his/hers bathrooms. Or as Jane Austen would say, "toilettes."

I don't know. I'm totally guessing

Monday, January 28, 2013

Here Comes The Sun

We've had above average temps in the last few weeks. For those of you in the freezing north, that probably sounds like heaven. But for those of us native Arkansawers (kidding, Arkansans), it means only one thing: fear of tornadoes.

Tomorrow we're supposed to have big storms. But today, I'm trying to just enjoy not wearing a coat. And our yard! I cannot wait until spring. There are seven hydrangea bushes I've found so far. Three rose bushes. Countless forsythia, AND a climbing hydrangea. Let's all keep our fingers crossed I don't kill them all.

I'm taking decorating a little more slowly than usual. That's due to two reasons. 1. Money (of course) and 2. I want this house to look less put together and more accumulated. Does that make sense? Whenever I make knee jerk buying sprees at Target, I'm sorry I didn't take my time and buy things at an antique mall instead. We did find an eight foot long credenza that's home to our tv. It's hand made, imported, and believe it or not... not painted. It's teak and has a beautiful scalloped front. Ah. I love it so.

Several of you have emailed to ask how Mabel likes the new house. She loves the yard more than I do. She was an unhappy pup in the apartment, after living in a house for all of her life. Change does not come easily to a nine year old schnauzer. But she's back in the groove, barking at squirrels. Peeing on flowers. It's all good.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome Home

I thought it might be time to make introductions.
Ladies, this is our new house.
New house, meet the ladies.

It was built in the late 1960's. The floor plan and style is very traditional. I like to say it's new enough to function, but old enough to have character. I always swore that our next house would be really old. Funnily enough, this one is ten years newer than the last. It's funny how much less I loved quirky bungalows and creaky Victorians when I started looking at their tiny closets. And no garages. And sloping floors.And lead pipes. I suppose this makes me practical. And old. And maybe a bit of a chicken, but that's ok. When it's sleeting and Jane is crying in the back seat we can pull into the garage and unload in the laundry room. Toootally worth not having stained glass windows beside the fireplace.

When we were looking at houses we dubbed this one the Mini Home Alone House. Matt's greatest disappointment to date was discovering that the staircase didn't line up with the front door, thus prohibiting him from sliding down and out onto the sidewalk on his sled, just like Kevin McCallister.

Somewhere, across town, cold chills just ran down the back of our insurance agent's neck.

Everything about this place made us fall in love. Every day I walk through the door and breathe a sigh of relief. I feel like we were supposed to live here all along. It's a huge blessing, and we're so, so, so thankful.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Reasons to Love January and February

January and February aren't necessarily seasonal favorites. Christmas is over, and it's cold, the days are short, and everybody is a little bit blue. So last night I decided to brain storm special things about January and February, and surprisingly, it was a long list.

So here we go. Reasons to love January and February:

1. Cleaning house
2. Fresh flowers (especially bulb flowers)

4. Candles that smell like oranges and soap
5. An excuse to decorate with pink for Valentine's Day

6. Doris Day movie marathons
7. French music

8. Tights, skirts, and boots
9. Long walks on cold sunny days

10. Decorating ideas for spring
11. Organized closets

12. Cheerful tablecloths
13. Snow days
14. Cookies

And last but certainly not least... drum roll please...

15. Downton Abbey!

Now go forth and enjoy this season. It gets a bum wrap, don't you think?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Breakfast With Jane

Breakfasts with Jane are an event lately. She talks so, so, so much. I'm assuming that's my contribution to the genetic pool. I love it. She eats her bananas and chatters away at me. I nod and respond as if I know exactly what she's saying. Mabel stalks under the table, waiting for just one crumb underneath Jane's high chair.

Breakfasts are coming later each morning, mostly because her nights have been rough lately and she sleeps in. Here's how it does down:

1. She goes to bed.
2. She wakes up around 4:00 calling so sadly "Mommy" and crying.
3. I cave and put her in bed with us.
4. My work as an actor begins as I pretend to be asleep so she'll get the message that she too should snooze.
5. She snuggles into my arm and for a few minutes, it looks like she's asleep. Success!
6. Not so fast. My acting skills continue to prove pointless as she jabs her pointer finger into my cheek, peering closely at my face.
7. She talks to herself for a while about her "big girl potty" and then she reaches through the darkness and inserts her pointer finger into my nostril.
8. I continue to play dead as she pats my hair, and then proceeds to grab my double chin and pinch.
9. I make a mental note to cut her talons at sunrise.
10. I feel her breath in my face as she puts her forehead to mine and whispers, "Mommy?"
11. The gig is up and I smile, and then she laughs, and then Matt says, "Stop putting her in bed with us."

It's official. I'm a big wuss. A big, sleep deprived wuss.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Under The Weather

And just when I forget I have migraines and vertigo, they like to remind me. Boo. I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

House Tour. Just Kidding.

I've gotten a few "Hey we want to see your house, do a house tour on your blog" requests lately. Hmmm, how should I put this? Ha. No.

Someday, but not now. Things are insane in our house still, with boxes everywhere and the all encompassing problem of beige oil trim on the entire second floor. Beige trim! Why?! Why?! Was that a "thing" at some point?

I've chosen several shades of blue in this house. It's just my favorite color, so why fight it? It reminds me of the Oregon coast. Blues, whites, grays, greens, they're just the colors that make the happiest. I always read about the trends in decorating and think to myself, "You should be more adventurous. Maybe fuchsia?" But nope. It's not gonna happen.