Friday, February 7, 2014

And.... February

We've reached that part of winter where Mother Nature smiles down on the south and says, "Oh, you big babies. You think this is cold? I'll show you cold."

We're going on round three of winter weather, complete with icy trees and floating snowfall that makes everything look like a snow globe. Sometimes I get antsy this time of year, but I think our new house helps with that. The windows are big, and the light is good. All I need is a big vase of pink roses and I'll be in good shape until spring.

I got a new rug for the dining room. I love the white walls in there, but it was just a little bit cold looking. Hence, a giant red rug that hides stains like a champ.

We also moved Jane from her small bedroom to the big spare room. It's a little makeshift in there right now, but I backed her bookshelves with some wallpaper, hung a few things, and her grandmother gave her a special reading chair. I find her in it, long after she's supposed to be asleep, reading to herself.

I will apologize to our future guests, as Jane's old little room is now the guest room. It's pretty small, but there's a tv. So that evens everything out in terms of comfort, right? So yeah. That's the latest house update.

 I'm so looking forward to a long weekend of hibernating like a bear. It's my birthday weekend. 34 years on Sunday. I think a big vase of pink roses is a must.